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Polyester Enclosure Type - II


Polyester enclosures are designed and manufactured for outdoor application to protect electrical equipment and instruments from the climate conditions of high temperature and humidity that prevail in the Middle East.  Contact molding and injection molding technology are utilized along with Grade “A” quality raw materials to build the suitable thickness to our laminate and add the required level of gel coat protection.  A protective layer of 450 microns of gel coat is added to our laminate, as opposed to 30 microns in machine molded enclosures, to provide the necessary level of protection.


  • Robust plastic enclosure for measurement and control systems and automation engineering
  • Mounting pillars in base for DIN rail or mounting plates
  • Lids can be hinged with internal or external hinges
  • Wide temperature range
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Cabinets are maintenance free and corrosion resistant.
  • Sealing is ensured by an injected one piece polyurethane gasket.
  • Applications 
  • Feeder pillars
  • Service turrets
  • Metering cabinets
  • Pole mounted cut outs
  • Fire equipment
  • Water meters
  • Street lighting control cabinets
  • Telecommunications control cabinets
  • Telephone & Cable TV


  • Material: Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester.
  • Ingress Protection: IP 5x – IP65 to EN 60529.
  • Finish: RAL-7035.
  • Self extinguishing and halogen free, double isolated according to EN60439-1. 
  • Rated insulation voltage, Ui=1000V.
  • Suitable for both Indoor or Outdoor Use (Weather Proof with Sealing).
  • Adequate spacing for incoming and outgoing cables.
  • Panels for front access to suit application.
  • Maximum safety & reliability..
  • Custom design according to client requirements.