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PV Modules


We operate as a sole distributor and system integrator of SolarWorld AG PV modules in Pakistan.

Solar World products are produced in Germany and the United States, both centers of excellence for solar technology. As a PV pioneer, Solar World has been producing top quality for over 35 years with expertise and passion, focused on crystalline solar power technology from the beginning.

With diverse range of products, we offer system solutions for all solar energy applications. But we never rest on our laurels with our technical developments. Instead, we equip you perfectly for the future, today.

Intensive tests that greatly exceed international standards are the key to our holistic approach to quality assurance. In this way we ensure that only premium quality products leave our factories.

Key Features:

  • ·         German Made PV modules: one of the largest solar companies in the world
  • ·         Ranked Number 1 in Europe & 6th in the world
  • ·         40 years of manufacturing expertise
  • ·         Performance warranty of up to thirty years
  • ·         Has locations in all key markets worldwide
  • ·         Module production in Germany is 600 MW (Production Capacity)
  • ·         Module production in U.S. 500 MW (Production Capacity)
  • ·         The world’s largest solar manufacturer outside Asia
  • ·         Systems operating over 30 years in the field

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